youtube video ideas for beginners in 2023

27 Amazing YouTube Video Ideas for Beginners in 2023.

While more and more people are moving towards creating videos on YouTube, it takes work to break through as a YouTuber. One of the challenges that new YouTubers face is coming up with YouTube video ideas.

YouTube marketing has become one of the most popular ways of marketing a business or a product. It is estimated that, on average, people watch one billion hours of YouTube videos daily. This is to say that YouTube marketing can be one of the most efficient ways of marketing a business when properly leveraged.

As we will learn later, there is more to becoming a YouTuber than coming up with great YouTube video ideas. You will need to learn some of the most common mistakes new YouTubers make and how to avoid them.

Also, as a new YouTuber, you will need to develop a great and efficient YouTube marketing strategy to help you gain viewership and a following, also known as subscribers.

While reading about the various aspect of becoming a YouTuber and succeeding as one is essential, nothing will ever prepare you for your YouTubing journey as much as getting into the real YouTube video creation. The more you create, the better you get at it, and the more you learn.

How do you come up with Interesting YouTube video ideas?

Coming up with interesting YouTube video ideas may take a lot of work. Unfortunately, there is no easy step-by-step solution to this problem, but here are a few guidelines on how to come up with YouTube video ideas.

Research your audience.

Knowing your audience and what they like watching will be pivotal in your creative journey. Are you running a small business and your YouTube channel to create awareness and provide information on your products? Or are you an individual creating a lifestyle content channel geared to sharing your personal life with the audience?

After establishing your goal, determine to learn who your current and prospective audience is. Thankfully, the YouTube creator studio provides very comprehensive analytics on your audience.

On your creator studio, you can tell the age of your audience, the geographical location, how they found your video, etc. With such information, you can analyze your audience’s behavior based on factors such as the average watch time for a certain video, the number of new subscribers gained from a certain video, etc.

Keep checking the analytics any time you post new content and analyze it. You can tell much about your audience and how they find you.

Another way you can learn about your audience is by interacting with them, for example, in the comment section, and on the community page.

Research your competitors.

Depending on the niche you are creating in, you must carry out research on your competitors. This does not mean that you copy what they are doing. Learn from them what they are doing well that you could borrow.

Competitors also help you learn what is trending in your niche to generate great YouTube video ideas.

User-generated YouTube video ideas.

As a YouTuber, you must encourage your viewers to interact with your content. Whether by leaving a comment or liking and sharing your content.

As a creator, you should be keen on utilizing whatever feedback you receive from your audience to create fresh and needed content. For example, if someone asks a question in your video’s comment section, you can create a video answering that question.

Also, you can ask your audience to comment on what they want to see in your future videos or create a question or post on your community tab asking what type of content they would be interested in.

youtube video ideas for beginners in 2023

YouTube Video Ideas for Beginner Youtubers.

Depending on where you are on your YouTube journey, you will find some of these YouTube video ideas on the list helpful. Also, some ideas may apply to specific niches more than others, but here are some awesome YouTube video ideas that will generate a huge viewership for you.

Fun YouTube videos.

Although YouTube, like blogging, can be geared towards educating an audience, entertaining your audience can also work effectively in helping your videos go viral.

If you make your audience laugh, they will probably share your videos; that way, you might generate more viewership for your YouTube videos. Some of the funny YouTube video ideas include:

Comedy or skits video.

You can act something your audience relates to, for example, how your parents treated you growing up. Relatable, funny content will compel viewers to reshare, thus generating a lot of views.


People love watching pranks. Play a harmless prank on someone and record it secretly. Share the results on YouTube.

Cute, funny videos of your kids and pets.

People like seeing funny videos of kids and pets. Sharing that on YouTube can generate some decent viewership.

Challenge video.

These were pretty popular during the 2020 lockdown and are still popular and funny today. Things like competing on doing something with a friend or family, etc., will help you generate a good viewership.

Do an introductory video.

You can do an introductory video, for example, get to know me if you haven’t already. If your YouTube channel is for your business, you can introduce your business to the audience, what you do, and the team you work with.

An introductory YouTube video will help your audience know you better and as a result, this might help you build a strong authentic community online.

Do a product review video.

Thousands and thousands of online buyers seek information about certain products and services.

It is a great idea to review a product you bought and explain its usefulness. With such videos, you have to optimize the video for search. From the title to the video description, make sure that it mentions the product and the model so that it is easy for people to find you when they search.

Another angle that product review videos could take is unboxing. People love seeing other people acquire new stuff, so make sure you record the unboxing anytime you buy something.

Do a review for a funny movie or show.

What is your latest watch? Did you binge-watch a series recently? Share with the world. Let people know the plot and share your opinion about the movie or show.

Book review.

If you love reading as I do, then a book review will be a great YouTube video idea. Tell your audience about your latest read and what you learned from it.

Shopping haul.

For lifestyle and fashion creators, shopping haul is an especially popular YouTube video idea. Whether you are just changing up your closet or shopping for a certain season, you can show your audience piece by piece what you bought.


What are you good at? What would your audience be interested in learning? Showing a step-by-step tutorial of something is another popular and converting YouTube video idea. For example, if you do makeup, you could show your audience how to do that.

Other ideas that lie under tutorials include a recipe. You can show your audience how you cook your favorite meal or make your favorite drink.

AMA YouTube videos.

AMA is asking me anything. This form of content is original to Reddit, but recently, it has also gained much popularity on YouTube.

In this video, you will ask your audience to ask you anything they would want to know, and then you can make a video responding to their questions.


Here is when you bring in the industry experts. Asking knowledgeable people about a certain topic will help you gain traction from people who might be interested in that topic. Interview videos allow your audience to interact with the interviewee.

Also, the video can be posted on both your channel and the interviewee’s channel, thus exposing it to a wider range of viewers.

Reaction Video.

As the name suggests, reaction videos involve you reacting to something. It could be a show, a trend on the internet, etc. These videos are great at improving your YouTube engagement.

A day in the life.

These videos are so common among lifestyle content creators. They involve taking your audience through your typical life from when you get up to the evening.

Workout videos.

If you are on a weight loss or stay fit challenge, this is the right YouTube video idea. Take the audience with you as you head to the gym. Show them your workouts and the diet you follow after that. People are interested in healthy living and would love to see such content.

Create an opinion video.

What’s popping in your niche? Is there something new on which you can comment or weigh your opinion? Then create a video of your opinion on that issue.

Q&A videos.

These are typical questions and answers videos. You can ask your audience to ask you either in your community tab question or on your other social media platforms, then create a video responding to those questions.

Bust Some Myths.

What is that one thing people believe is true, but it’s not? Talk about it and explain why what people generally believe is untrue. These videos help in educating your viewers, and therefore, they are very popular.

Do a Tour.

This can take various forms, such as a house tour, a tour around your neighborhood, etc. In addition to these videos is a trip you make in your city or a different city/ country.

Take your audience around a new place, a restaurant in your town, and review it, etc.

Show your collection.

Is there something that you like buying? You can show off this collection to your audience. For example, your shoe collection, your books, etc.

What’s on my phone?

This is just a video of you showing what is on your phone and sharing your most important apps with them.

What’s in my bag?

Create a video showing what is in your makeup bag, what you have in your travel suitcase, your hospital bag for expectant mothers, etc.

Invite a guest.

This is more like an interview, except that in this case, you do not ask the guest on your channel any questions, but instead, you collaborate with them to create content and do something to entertain your audience.


Testimonial reviews are especially helpful for small business owners. Creating testimonial videos act as social proof of your business.

Presentations and webinars

In case you had a webinar or a presentation on a certain topic in your industry, you can upload it on your YouTube channel to allow anyone that missed it to watch it later.

Gadget reviews and comparison.

Did you buy a new gadget? Unbox it and review it. You can also create a comparison between that and something that you previously owned or with something that was released almost at the same time.

Event announcement.

If you are hosting any event, then doing an event announcement video will be a great idea. These videos allow you to hype up your upcoming event and remind your audience where to get the requirements, e.g., tickets.

Response video.

These videos are counter videos to other YouTubers in your niche. If you disagree with someone on a certain topic, you can do more than leave a comment. Create a video countering their opinion.

Recap an event.

Did your business host an event, recap it and post it on your YouTube channel? Other popular events to post on YouTube include birthdays, baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, etc.

Your audience will want to see what happened at the event; therefore, you must make use of their fear of missing out and catch them up on the happenings at that event.

DIY projects.

These are popular. If you are a handy person and love making and transforming things around the house, making a DIY video should be part of your YouTube video Ideas plan.

Final thoughts..

While these YouTube video ideas give a general outlook on what could interest people on YouTube, you can apply them to your niche with a twist to get your desired outcome. You can always come back to refer to this page at any time.

Remember to read about the common mistakes new YouTubers make and how to avoid them to succeed in your YouTube journey.

youtube video ideas for beginners in 2023

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