how I got 1000 Youtube subscribers in 3 months

10 Proven Tips That Will Help You Get Your First 1000 YouTube Subscribers.

Growing the first 1000 YouTube subscribers can be an uphill task. I started creating on my YouTube channel in April 2021. I created consistently for four months posting a video once a week.

After the fourth month, I had only grown my audience to 200 subscribers. Most of these subscribers were people I went to school with or people from my social media. I was hardly getting any views for my videos.

What changed? I learned a lot about content creation on YouTube, and I learned some of the biggest mistakes I had made as a Youtuber and took a different trajectory in my second leg of content creation.

Why Do You Need Subscribers for Your YouTube Channel?

You need people to subscribe to your YouTube channel for two main reasons;

You must hit a thousand subscribers to qualify for the YouTube partner program. YouTube partner programs allow you to earn an income from the advertisements on your channel. You will need 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours to qualify for the program.

Subscribers help grow your brand. Subscribers are to YouTube what followers are to Instagram or Twitter. You can reap more benefits from your YouTube channel when you have a huge following. For example, you are better placed to get brand partnerships. Therefore, having more subscribers on YouTube increases the avenues for earning more money while creating.

How to Get Your First 1000 Subscribers.

While the time frame for when you are likely to get your first one thousand subscribers on YouTube varies from one person to another, there are simple, general rules that apply if you want to succeed on YouTube.

Create Good content.

There is no single template for good content since different niches have different variables that determine what is good content. However, as a creator, you must ensure that you add value to your audience.

If your YouTube channel is focused on entertainment, good quality means you attain the entertainment goal. Make sure you entertain, educate or help solve a problem.

Other general measures of good content include having good audio quality. Great video audio enhances your audience’s experience and makes them want to return to your channel and even subscribe. When I started recording, I used a phone and didn’t have an external microphone. That highly affected the sound quality of my videos.

Later, I upgraded my phone to an iPhone 13 pro max with amazing features for creators. I also purchased cordless microphones, which have helped me greatly improve my audio quality. Make sure you have proper lighting for your video. I do not need to go into details, but when you put in the work in creating, it will show, and your audience will grow.

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Stay Consistent.

YouTube, just like anything else, requires consistency. When you take breaks, people start unsubscribing from your channel, and YouTube also slows down with pushing your content out there. To date, I find that every day I upload a new video, I get more subscribers than on days when I haven’t uploaded anything.

I am not saying that you won’t get that creators’ block. You will! However, be sure to come back as soon as you can.

How to remain consistent on YouTube.

I will be the first one to admit that creating on YouTube can be an uphill task, and sometimes, you might want to quit. Here are a few tips to remain consistent.

How I gained my first 1000 subscribers in three months.
Do Collaborations.

Finding a community of creators will help you get more creative, and they will also help pull you up when you are down. Collaborations may take the form of inviting someone to your channel if you have a solo channel.

In my case, for example, I started creating with my boyfriend. Having him on my channel broadens the scope of things we can do, such as Q&A videos, games, etc. Collabos may also look like working with another creator to make a video for your channel.

Have a content planner.

I like to plan content both for my blog and my YouTube channel. I use the free google calendar app to plan what I will be creating and when. Take time to brainstorm ideas and write them, then plan.

Having a plan is better than thinking about what to record on an actual day that you are supposed to record. I also created a note on my iPhone called YouTube ideas. This helps me write down any idea that comes to mind when I am away from my computer and then later plan for it.

Try Trends.

There is nothing new on YouTube. Most creators come up with something, and then the rest of the people modify it and make it their own. Do not be shy. Look for what is trending in your niche and do your version. It doesn’t mean copying everything to the last detail, just modifying the idea.

For example, I am a lifestyle creator. I am very content with relationships, food, and my daily life. I am in an interracial relationship which is a whole YouTube niche in itself. Noticed that the How we met videos were trending, and I did it with my boyfriend. So far, those remain the most watched videos on my channel.

Benchmark from other creators.

Watch a lot of content and what other people are doing in your niche. Borrow ideas but do not be a copycat. I like to watch channels with millions of subscribers, and every time I do, I learn something that they are doing that I might not be doing, and that way, I get better.

Try Different Things to See What Works for Your Target Youtube Subscribers.

Growing your YouTube subscribers will require a lot of experimentation. You never know unless you try. I am not saying you become a jack of all trades but keep tweaking things.

If you always create from your house, try going outside, try a different video format, and try different thumbnail designs.
Do not make changes just for the sake of making changes; observe what happens when you make them. Does it increase the number of YouTube subscribers? Does it increase your watch hours?

If you implement a certain change that ends up growing your YouTube subscriber, keep using that trick.

Call to Action.

Listen, do not assume anyone is going to subscribe. They will not unless you tell them. At some point in my YouTubing journey, I thought it was a cool idea not to say what every creator on YouTube was saying, so I decided to skip on “please subscribe to my channel and follow me on Instagram.”

In that whole season where I wasn’t asking people, I saw very little growth in the number of my Youtube subscribers and Instagram followers.

A few months ago, I went back to asking people to subscribe to my channel and check me out on Instagram. My Instagram has grown by more than nine hundred followers in three months, and my YouTube Subscribers grew by more than eight hundred people.
Also, add a subscribe watermark to all your videos.

How to Add Subscribe Button Watermark on YouTube Videos.

Adding a subscribe watermark to your video is also a simple yet very effective way of converting people to youtube subscribers. You can do this in a few simple steps:

  • log in to your Youtube and go to Youtube studio.
  • Click on the customization button of the menu on your left.
  • Go to branding, then click the video watermark.
  • Upload a subscribe watermark, then publish.

With the above steps, your videos will have a subscribe button which will help you get more Youtube subscribers. Also, set the timer as early as possible so you can convert more subscribers.

Market Your Youtube Channel on Social Media.

Use any relevant social media that will help you market your youtube channel. Put yourself out there and try to cross-promote your youtube channel.

Some of your followers on your social media might be interested in the content you create and end up being your youtube subscribers.

In the same vein, encourage your audience to share your videos. This will allow you to benefit from free marketing from your existing youtube subscribers.

Build a Community and Engage with Your Existing YouTube Subscribers.

Do not be so focused on getting new youtube subscribers that you forget to take care of the existing ones. Build a genuine, authentic brand by engaging with your community.

This may take place in various forms and shapes. For example, replying to their comments in the comments section, liking their comments asking questions on the community tab, etc.

While this may not give you thousands of subscribers at the moment, it keeps your existing youtube subscribers engaged and could result in them sharing your channel with their friends who will, in return, subscribe.

From experience, I always unsubscribe from Youtubers that do not respond to questions in the comment section. The most recent one was a few months ago. I bought a digital product from one of the Youtubers I had always watched.

Unfortunately, I had a problem getting a link to the product, so I reached out to her on Instagram, where she was promoting the product. She ignored me the whole day, yet I could see her posting Instagram stories, etc.

I did get the product the day after from a different person working for her, but I unsubscribed from her youtube channel. While that may sound petty, your youtube subscribers want to know that they mean something more to you than just watching your videos.

Brand your Youtube Channel.

Brand your youtube channel and let the color schemes be consistent if you can. Having a beautiful photo and a well-designed channel art will help people know what your youtube channel is about any time they come across it and, therefore, increase your chances of growing your youtube subscribers.

Customize your Youtube URL, making it easy for people to share and remember.

Create a Trailer and Playlist for Your Videos.

A trailer is a quick pitch for your channel that lets people know what you post on your youtube channel. As you know, in all sales, how your package the information you share with potential clients is very important for conversion.

This also applies to your Youtube channel. Making a catchy youtube trailer will help people gain interest in your Youtube channel, thus leading to more youtube subscribers.

Also, organise your youtube videos into beautiful binge-worthy playlists. A playlist is a collection of videos that do not require your viewers to press or search for your next video. The playlist automatically plays the next video on the list and then the other.

While some people may not subscribe upon watching your first video, the second one or the third one could lead them to make a subscribing decision. Therefore, creating a content playlist is also one way to grow your youtube subscribers.

Create Beautiful Thumbnails to Attract Potential YouTube Subscribers

You have less than two seconds to make a first impression on strangers on Youtube. If you create great content but do not create beautiful, catchy thumbnails, getting people to watch you might be difficult.

I use Canva to design my thumbnails. I try to make them as similar as possible to enhance branding. Use beautiful personal pictures for your thumbnail. Also, I have found that using bright colors like red and yellow makes the thumbnails more attractive than using duller colors.

Once you attract people to your youtube channel using beautiful thumbnails, if you have good quality content, they will turn into Youtube subscribers.

Do SEO Research.

SEO is not only for blogs, but youtube also has SEO, which will help your videos be available when people search for something. Search for relevant keywords for your videos and add them to your video titles, description, and tags.

Also, availing a transcription for your videos will help you appear on search when people type in some keywords you have optimized your content.

Should You Buy Youtube Subscribers?

While I understand that sometimes the temptation to buy youtube subscribers can be so close, I will advise you to stay away from it.
Buying youtube subscribers will hurt you in so many ways. First, it is against Youtube’s Terms and Conditions. So if youtube learns that you bought subscribers, which most certainly they will, your Youtube channel will be banned.

Another problem with buying youtube subscribers is that you will have many subscribers who are not interested in your content. What is the use of having five thousand youtube subscribers and having less than a thousand views on your youtube videos? As a YouTuber, you mostly earn money from having many people watch your videos, not just having millions of subscribers sitting idle without watching your videos.


I hope you learned something about how you can get your first one thousand YouTube subscribers and even grow your YouTube channel. If you have any more tips and tricks, please share them in the comments below.

How I gained 1000 subscribers on Youtube in 3 months

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